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October 04, 2006: New SufiSound CDs

We added new nasheeds CDs to our online store including the brand new album of The Silence of the Mosques, the most popular French nasheed group.  This beautifully album is generating a strong buzz in France thanks to its top-notch production.

The Silence of the Mosquees signed an international distribution contract with Alif Universal Group,


July 27, 2006: New Songs Added

We are happy to feature the following new songs:

Shaam "Qul Ya Adheem"
Bouchaib "Allah Allah" (off the new album Madina - buy it now!)
Ali Elsayed "Sun Ray"  (off the album The Ecstatic Heart - buy it now!)


We are now selling the following nasheed albums:

  • Madina by our moroccan brother Bouchaib Abdelhadi


June 2006: New Songs Added

As promised we made some songs from Elsyed's album Light Upon Light available:

Ali Elsyed "Light Upon Light"
Ali Elsyed "Salatullah ala Ahmad"
Ali Elsyed "An Nabi Sallu Aleykh"
Ali Elsyed "Ahmad Ya Habibi"

You may now purchase this album through SufiSound Store (we ship internationally).


May 18, 2006: Introducing ALI ELSYED

By popular demand, we are very happy to introduce the rising nasheed singer: ALI ELSYED from the USA, who is making a name of his own on the nasheed scene with his hit album Light Upon Light.  If you love melodious salawat and praises to the Prophet {SAW}, we highly recommend this album which is one of the best of 2006.  Due to its popularity, SufiSound is releasing this album to the public: buy your copy here, or purchase the digital copy which you can download on your computer as mp3.

We will have previews of this album available soon inch'Allah.

May 3, 2006

We are happy to introduce our Free Mp3 Program

From now on, whenever you make a symbolic $1 donation to, we will give you  10 Free Mp3s of your favorite artists!!!

Don't miss this opportunity to get your free nasheed mp3s! Click here for details


April 13, 2006 (15 Rabi'al Awwal)

Check out the latest edition to SufiSound

Announcing SufiSound Radio!!

Click here to listen


April 10, 2006 (12 Rabi'al Awwal) - Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad {S} wishes you a happy Mawlid an-Nabi {s} on this most celebrated date !

Enjoy our newest additions:

Wahied: Mawlana Ya Mawlana
Talib al Habib: Salawat Badr
Qatrunada (Jordanian Band): Mana Milik Kita
Sulis: Ya ilahana
Ibn Arabi Ensemble: This Love is Not Easy
Ibn Arabi Ensemble: The Lover (Allah Ya Mawlana)


March 27, 2006 (27 Safar 1427)

SufiSound Music is happy to present a special Burda Celebration which features exclusive videos and songs dedicated to the beautiful Poem of the Mantle (Qasida Al Burda).  This beautiful poem was written by Sharaf al-Din Muhammad al-Busiri in honor of the Prophet Muhammad {SAW}.


The Video section has been updated with the following videos:

Raihan: Syukur   Puji Pujian   and Iktifraf
Iman: Just Remember
Khalil Muhammad: Follow Muhammad {SAW}  and  Blessed Mustafa {SAW}
Shaam: Live Concert

March 25, 2006 (25 Safar 1427)

We added the following songs to our database:

Muridiya Brothers "Inani Ussni" (artist page)
The brothers from the Senegalese Muridiya Tariqa perform this beautiful hadrah.
Aashiq al Rasul "Ya Nabi Salaam Aleyka" (artist page)
Raihan "Syukur (Thank You)" (artist page)
Raihan "Balada Salawat"
Haqqani-Kabbani "Burda Live" (artist page)
Khalid Belrhouzi "Burda" (artist page)
Adyook "Ya Halla" (artist page)
Adyook "Ya Akhi"
Omar Metioui "Iftitahiyya"
Fahad al Kubaysi "Unknown 1" (artist page)
Fahad al Kubaysi "Unknown 2"


March 24, 2006 (24 Safar 1427)

The Artist Page of the French nasheed group Le Silence des Mosquees is now available.

The Miracles of God gallery has been updated.
March 22, 2006 (22 Safar 1427)

We have made the following songs available again:

Shaam "Jood Aleyna"  (click here for this artist's page)
Adyook "Abdun Thalil" (click here for this artist's page)

We added the following songs to our English Songs section:

The Dost Quartet "Listen"
The Dost Quartet "La ilaha ill Allah"
Qatrunada "Beauty of Islam"
Sami Yusuf "Try Not to Cry"

God bless


March 17, 2006 (17 Safar 1427)

SufiSound Music now features dedicated Artist Pages that allow you to access direct information about your favorite SufiSound artist.

You can now make donations to SufiSound Music to support your favorite naheed portal.  This will allow us to bring you more free nasheed for your listening pleasure.

We have updated the Songs section: it is easier to browse through the songs as they are now organized by category.

Check out the SufiSound Artist Page here.


March 01, 2006 (01 Safar 1427)

We are pleased to feature the following songs and videos on

Ahbal al Mustafa: The rising band from Yemen comes back with two new songs from their Burdah album: Magnificence of the Holy Quran and Warning Against the Self.

Mustafa Gunishduqdo: The artist from Turkey is feautered with Ya Imam al Rusul.

Aashiq al Rasul has produced a beautiful video: Madinah-tun-Nabi.

Shaam is also featured with the refreshing video of Mercy Like the Rain.

Thanks to Meem Ltd for making these videos available to the public.

God bless.


March 01, 2006 (01 Safar 1427) has been reshaped to incorporate more than just English Islamic songs.  The site is now a complete Internet portal of Islamic songs, videos, and much more. will eventually replace the portal.  Stay tuned as we are gradually transferring the Sallawat songs on this new portal....


December 14, 2005 (12 Dhul Qadah) :: now accessible online.

Eternal Nasheed humbly presents Sufi Sound (, a new web site of English Islamic songs that targets Western audiances.  This site features all the English nasheed songs that are on


December 13, 2005 (11 Dhul Qadah)

MUHAMMADAN TV - Honoring the Sultan of Creation {SAW}. brings you these excellent videos of nasheed praising Seydina Muhammad al Mustafa {SAW}.
These videos, which feature the acclaimed group Haddad Alwi & Sulis, are perfect for Sufi Meditation.


The following songs have been added:

Video Nasheed from Guidance Media
The excellent production company Guidance Media shares with us this nasheed performed in California.  Bro. Usama Canon leads the song.  The video was recorded during an event attended by Habib 'Ali al Jifri.

For the rest of the Update News (archives 2005), please click here.

God bless


December 14, 2005 (12 Dhul Qadah) :: now accessible online.

Eternal Nasheed humbly presents Sufi Sound (, a new web site of English Islamic songs that targets Western audiances.  This site features all the English nasheed songs that are on


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